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What is CUTTS?

The Canada-Ukraine Technology Transfer Service (CUTTS) is a subsidiary of the Canada-Ukraine Centre Inc. devoted to the transfer of technologies developed in Ukraine that have the potential for commercialization in Canada. CUTTS will act as a broker between the technology developer in Ukraine and the Canadian entrepreneur interested in commercializing the technology.

Ukraine has a large and active research and development sector. It is estimated there are over 400 universities and research centres in Ukraine. Ukraine, with about three quarters of one percent of the world's population, has some four percent of the world's scientists.

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Ukrainian technology developers are invited to post a description of their technology on the CUTTS website. They should indicate if the technology has been patented and who owns the technology - the individual technology developer or a university or research centre.

CUTTS has developed a protocol that can be used between the technology developer and the entrepreneur in the early stages of the investigative phase. This protocol contains a sample agreement to review the technology within a confidentiality agreement and to test the technology with the test results remaining confidential.

CUTTS will remain as a broker between the Ukrainian technology developer and the Canadian entrepreneur up to the point where there is a decision reached to proceed or not to proceed further. If it is decided to proceed then a further an agreement on ownership, royalties etc. can be drawn up directly between the technology developer and the entrepreneur.

A CUTTS Posting Review Committee will review and approve all postings on the CUTTS site. The committees' mandate will be to ensure the information posted is within CUTTS's purpose and mandate. The review committee's approval for posting will not imply a peer review of the material submitted nor imply sanction of the contents of a submission

Technologies that are in the concept phase, prototype phase or are an actual product can be posted on the website.

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