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What is CURA?

The Canada-Ukraine Research Alliance (CURA) is a subsidiary of the Canada-Ukraine Centre Inc. It is devoted to the exchange of information between individuals and organizations in Canada and Ukraine using the internet.

CURA is a virtual information resource and exchange portal whose objective is to provide a forum for scholars, researchers and policy makers in Canada and Ukraine on issues related to science, technology, economics, commerce, and public policy.

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CURA is open to research and dialogue from all perspectives. The site is devoted to the development of cooperation and dialogue between researchers, scholars and policy makers in Canada and Ukraine.

Organizations (universities, colleges, research centres etc.) using CURA are encouraged to use the site for posting information.

Information on the CURA site will be in both English and Ukrainian languages and it will be mandatory that all information posted on the site be in both languages. English language information posted in Canada can be translated into the Ukrainian language by the web site host at a cost.

A CURA Posting Review Committee will review and approve all postings on the CURA site. The committee’s mandate will be to ensure the information posted is within CURA’s purpose and mandate. The review committee’s approval for posting will not imply a peer review of the materials submitted nor will it imply sanction of the contents of a submission.

Information on the CURA website will be posted according to its subject matter as follows:

  • Research Collaboration Opportunities
  • Directory of Research Organizations & Individuals (CURA Research Directory)
  • Conferences & Events
  • Student Exchange & Internship Programs
  • Available Scholarships
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