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Mandate & Objectives

The Canada-Ukraine Centre Inc. seeks to bridge the scientific, industrial, commercial and educational strengths of Canada with Ukraine and other Eastern European countries as part of the continuing worldwide globalization process.


  • Promote and support student exchange and internship programs between Canadian and Ukrainian universities and colleges.
  • Promote and support joint research projects between Canadian and Ukrainian universities.
  • Develop and operate an internet based virtual information resource and exchange portal serving Canadian and Ukrainian universities and colleges.
  • Develop and implement a technology transfer mechanism between Canada and Ukraine.
  • Promote and support industrial and commercial initiatives between Canadian, Ukrainian and other East European businesses.
  • Work with other organizations in the development of collaboration and linkages between Canada and Ukraine.

"The re-emergence of Ukraine as an independent and democratic nation in the early 1990s brought new and exciting opportunities for exchanges of information, both on a social-cultural and on a technical-business basis. The nineteenth-century nation had been largely agricultural and rural, but the nation which presented itself in the 1990s was highly urbanized and industrialized, with a large and active research and development sector and a well-established science and technology institutional base."

- Steck & Associates. Report to the Canada-Ukraine Centre Inc. April, 2005

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