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Overview of CUC

The Canada-Ukraine Centre Inc. is incorporated as a non-profit corporation in the Province of Saskatchewan, Canada. It is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. The Canada-Ukraine Centre Inc. (CUC) was created with the support of the University of Saskatchewan, the Ukrainian Canadian Congress - Saskatchewan Provincial Council, and the Shevchenko Foundation.

The University of Saskatchewan had established a student and faculty exchange program with the University of Chernivtsi, Ukraine in the early 1970s while Ukraine was still a member of the Soviet Union. This arrangement was unique in Canada.

"A historic transformation is underway on Europe's eastern frontier. Emerging from centuries of misrule, Ukraine, the continents second largest country and sixth most populous nation, has set its sights firmly on joining the club of developed countries"

- Action Ukraine Report, Washington, D.C. June, 2005

As a result of Ukraine's declaration of independence in 1991, the opportunity for expanding contact and interchange between Canada and Ukraine presented itself, particularly in areas where there was very little previous collaboration.

Accordingly, it was decided that CUC would focus on the sciences, technology, economics, and commercial areas not engaged in by other organizations in Canada. Emphasis would be placed on developing contact and interchange between universities, colleges and research centres in Canada and Ukraine. CUC has to date established a number of memoranda of understanding and programs with universities in Canada and Ukraine and is pursuing technology transfer opportunities.

The Canada-Ukraine Centre has established two ancillary websites: The Canada-Ukraine Research Alliance site and the Canada-Ukraine Technology Transfer Service site.

The Canada-Ukraine Research Alliance (CURA) site is dedicated to the exchange of information between individuals and organizations in Canada and Ukraine using the Internet. Click here for CURA.

The Canada-Ukraine Technology Transfer Service (CUTTS) site is focused on the transfer of technologies between Ukraine and Canada and lists technologies that have the potential for commercialization in Canada and Ukraine. Click here for CUTTS.

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